STEPS TO Receiving an RDLA Camp Scholarship

Choir Directors and Music Teachers. Below I have included the dates and steps to applying for and receiving an RDLA Scholarship to Sierra Mountain Music Camp for June of 2020.

Steps for receiving Noland%2FRDLA Scholarship_.pdf

Steps​ for receiving Noland/RDLA Scholarship:

Step #1​ – be nominated by your choral or music director in email to (Feb. and March).

Step #2​ – go online to ​​ and apply for camp including a 100 word essay on why you should be selected (March and early April).

Step #3​ – Notification letter will be sent by email within 10 days of submission of online essay and application

Step #4​- Registration Fee ($35.00) and camp Registration due to Sierra Mountain Music camp no later than May 1st.


Step #5​ – Heather from SMMC will send you a camp packet and notification and times and dates to show up at camp.

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