rdla Projects

RDLA issues grants to worthy projects throughout the Sacramento Area, Northern California and beyond to assist programs for youth, the arts and music.  RDLA focus’ on choral music but supports several forms of art for students. Grantees make formal requests each year and are selected based on viability of programs, need and a variety of other criteria.

Some of our current and former PROJECTS...

  • Alexander Twilight Choir – Aspire Schools, El Camino Ave. Sacramento, CA
  • Bowling Green Choir – Sacramento City Unified School District, So. Sacramento, CA
  • Capitol Heights Academy Choir – Aspire Schools, Oak Park, CA
  • Cornerstone LA Choir – So. Central Los Angeles, CA
  • Dyer-Kelly Choir – San Juan Unified School District, Sacramento CA
  • Encina High School Drum Corps – San Juan Unified School District, Carmichael, CA
  • Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church – Arts Camp; Fair Oaks, CA
  • Encina High School Choir – San Juan Unified School District, Carmichael, CA
  • Fern Bacon Glee Club, Sacramento, CA
  • Focus on Family, Sacramento, CA
  • Grant Drum Line, Sacramento CA
  • Harlem Gospel Choir – California Tour, Sacramento, CA
  • Heart to Heart Ministries – After School Music Programs, Sacramento, CA
  • Hiram Johnson West Choir – Sacramento City Unified School District, Sacramento, CA
  • Masters College Isreal Tour – Valencia, CA
  • Mike Noland Choral Camp – at Salvation Army, Oak Park, CA
  • Mike Noland Annual Choral Conductor’s Workshop, Sacramento, CA
  • Mike Noland Institute – The Guild Theatre, Oak Park, CA
  • Modesto Schools Music Program – Modesto, CA
  • Parkway Elementary Choir, Sacramento CA
  • Phoenix Park Community Center – choir, So. Sacramento, CA
  • Piano Lab Scholarship, Sacramento,CA
  • PS7 Middle School Choir – St. Hope Academy, Oak Park, CA
  • Rio Tierra Choir – Twin Rivers School District, No. Sacramento, CA
  • Roberts Family Development Center (choir) – Del Paso Heights, CA
  • Sacramento City College, Sacramento CA
  • Sacramento High School Choir – St. Hope Schools, Oak Park CA
  • Sacramento High School Drum Corps – St. Hope Schools, Oak Park, CA
  • San Juan Sings, San Juan Unified School District, Carmichael, CA
  • Sierra Mountain Music Camp – summer camp scholarships, Nevada City, CA
  • Sisters of Nia – Girls After School Program, Oak Park, CA
  • Swanston Park Music Program – Mission Oaks Park District, Sacramento CA
  • Vox Musica – Women’s Choral Singers, Sacramento, CA
  • West Campus Choir, Sacramento City Unified School District, Sacramento, CA
  • Yolo County Choir (Cornerstone Christian School) – Woodland CA

Grants/ scholarships

Do you have an interest in applying for grants for your chior, organization or students….Please fill out the form above and we will email or call you and get more information to you about RDLA, our organization and our annual grants.